Vegetable Block Printing

14 Nov

An old school activity that never gets too old. And using yogurt with food colors instead of poster colors make it safer for the toddlers just in case they decide to put the vegetables in their mouths (which happens quite often).


Vegetable Block Printing

One of those messy crafts that your toddler will love. Also safe for toddlers who are still putting things in their mouths.

Things required for vegetable block printing are: yogurt, food colors, different bowls and vegetables of various shapes and textures likes broccoli, spinach, onions and potatoes (cut into halves), baby corn. Choice is yours.

Vegetable printing craft

Take yogurt in different bowls and add food colors to each of them, mix.

Vegetable block Printing

Broccoli, spinach, onions, lady finger, mushroom, baby corn, potatoes have different textures that make them interesting to block print.

Vegetable Block Printing

This Messy craft is so engaging that we forgot to click more pictures 🙂 But undoubtedly your tot will enjoy every bit of it.

Early Learning goes a long way in your child’s education and upbringing Amongst the very important things to learn for a toddler or preschooler are hand-eye coordination, 5 senses, practice fine and gross motor skills, balance, and muscle development. A lot of this can be practiced at home with crafts and activities under adult’s supervision. Playing with colors, pots and pans, brushes, sponges, glue; reading books, pretend play, all seem like child’s play to us but are actually helping your toddlers/preschoolers develop their minds and bodies.

Please make sure all the activities mentioned in this blog are done under adult supervision. If you children are still putting things in their mouths, then avoid activities with small particles that can cause chocking hazards. Also, all steps in the articles that involves a pencil, knife, pair of scissors or any sharp objects should be done by an adult.


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